We believe a love of lollies shouldn’t fade with age.
We may grow up, but we never grow out of sweets.
Joy is something that we savour and happiness tastes better when it’s shared.
So it’s time to reinvent the lollies we all once loved.
To use our sweet expertise as creators of delight.
We will make the world a sweeter place where memories meet with new ideas.
We will rethink favourites, forge new tastes and create a world of smiles.
A pick ‘n’ mix of indulgence coated in sophisticated fun.
So let’s find our collective sweet side and give lollies back their cool.
We fuel the love that makes people share our sweet ideals.
Allen’s Lollysmiths.



Allen’s is a proud partner of Red Frogs Australia

Red Frogs Australia is a non-profit support program, reaching across Australia and the globe. Red Frogs makes it their mission to provide a positive peer presence in environments where young people gather, educate young people on safe partying behaviour, and empower them to make positive choices for their future.

Red Frogs is most famous for their work within the safety response for ‘schoolies’ events, where they operate across 17 locations globally powered by army of over 1500 volunteers who are there to support, listen and encourage.

Beyond Schoolies, they support young adults & their parents through education programs at schools, universities, festivals and more – providing a positive presence during what can often be a difficult time transitioning from school, moving out of home and truly discovering who they are. Each year Red Frogs educate over 62,000 school students, provide direct relief within 90% of Australian university colleges, ensure care for over 526,000 festival goers and offer chaplaincy support within 20 professional sporting teams.

The Allen’s Red Frog lolly is used by volunteers to share a smile and start a conversation. When the lolly is handed to someone, it stops being just a lolly… it sends a message that we care, you matter and we believe in you!

History of Red Frogs Australia

It all started in 1997 when Red Frogs Australia founder Andy Gourley hit Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast with his skateboarding mates. After approaching the hotel manager to see if they needed volunteers during Schoolies week, the manager jumped at the opportunity and recruited Andy and many of his friends to help. And so Red Frogs Australia was born.

Since this time, the program has become renowned for the support it provides not only to school leavers, but also to uni students, party and festival goers, event managers, sporting groups, and musicians in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, South Africa and Poland.

Why Red Frogs lollies?

After a few nights of meeting schoolies, Andy went down to the local corner store and randomly chose a bag of ‘Allen’s Frogs Alive Red Frogs’ to use as “icebreakers” when first arriving at parties. It didn’t take long to realise that party goers loved the red frogs. In its first year, the crew handed out 80kg of the confectionary, and now more than 20 tonnes of Red Frogs are distributed each year. Volunteers were originally called ‘hotel chaplains’, however after a few years of handing out ‘red frog’ lollies they became affectionately known as the ‘Red Frog Crew’. So it was an obvious move to name the support network and the programs that have been birthed from it ‘Red Frogs Australia’.

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